133 leaner ,162.5 PRR, 121 ATT amber swirl

By Peter Horner; posted July 3, 2019

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Here is a w. Brookfield New York on reverse in aqua. With milk stringer swirling going up from the f over top into some. Some swirling in reverse skirt. . It is also a underpour leaner. Couple fish eye bb dings on wire ridge above k on reverse. Asking $35. The PRR has micro bubbles and chunks of snow. Has some train soot on skirt. Has two open bubble under pours on base on right side of B. Asking $40. The A.t.&t co. Has some nice amber swirling in reverse dome, reverse skirt, and a small rock in reverse. Front has a nice amber swirl below att. Has raised dot and double 00 on dome. Has fingernail size bruise on side dome. Asking $30. Plus priority shipping for each and insurance if necessary for combining multiples purchase. Can combine shipping to save.