Gorgeous 10" dia. Pyrex Carnival Glass Suspension Insulators--18.00 Sold

By Mike Guthrie; posted June 30, 2019

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ALL GONE! Sold all 90 pieces and now have my garage back :-)

I recently "rescued" ninety, 10" diameter Pyrex carnival suspensions from a local chicken coop.

Since my original post on May 14th, 1/2 of the lot has already been sold!

I still have a couple dozen pieces in VNM condition at $18 ea. Discounts are available on purchase of quantities when picked up at my home. I also have some with minor skirt/petticoat chipping at $10.00 each.

The photo shows that these are actually all quite well colored and they are especially awesome when displayed in strings of 5 or more. As is typical with this style, some areas on the top are without coating which is quite normal. The gaps in color are usually surrounding the metal cap. Any piece that I ship will have at least 90% covering of the iridescent material. Of the hundreds of pieces I've seen I would place these in the top 25% in terms of color intensity.

These pieces were used by the Bonneville Power Administration on their transmission towers along the Columbia River and those servicing the many dams thereon. These specimens have manufacture date codes in late 1941.

Shipping cost on a single piece to the east coast is approx. $35, less for destinations closer to the west coast or two or more pieces. Otherwise they are available for pick up in Vancouver, Washington or can be transported by friends to any of the several upcoming shows in the Pacific Northwest.

Please don't hesitate to email with questions.