Specimen condition blue aqua M.T.Co. CD 742 Sale

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 28, 2019

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Up for sale is a used & abused old Montreal Telegraph Company workhorse that I found some years ago while searching a construction site near Woodstock, ON. It's an example of the M.T.Co. [030] EIN with a period beneath the 'o' in 'M.T.Co.'. This piece was found in four pieces, one of which remains missing on the rear skirt. It may look rough, but it's an early piece of Canadian telegraph history and not the most common variety of Canadian threadless.

As mentioned, this piece is in very rough shape, with a large portion of the skirt having been broken off due to an impact on the wire groove on one side. Two large pieces have been glued together using a strong UV-curing epoxy. In addition to the fragment missing from the rear skirt, it does still have a triangular wedge of glass missing from the join between two of the fragments where they meet the base edge. It also has a few other flakes including a few flakes off the right-hand upper wire ridge (shown) and a large flake off the left base/skirt side which shows in the photo as a concave surface at the very far left side of the skirt. As luck would have it, the M.T.Co. embossing is mostly intact on part of the skirt.

Now asking $35.00 USD plus shipping for this piece. It's not as pretty as the catalogue quality pieces, but it will make a decent placeholder for anyone searching for reasonably-priced threadless. I accept PayPal, or personal cheque from any member of ICON or any collector with whom I have dealt before. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more photos, and look through my other items or unsold sales stock to combine shipping on items.