TWO "B"s and a BROOKFIELD 152's ALL AMBERED Right and Middle Sold..LEFT AVAILABLE

By Peter Persoff; posted June 28, 2019

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This is a repost of THREE BEAUTIFUL AMBERED 152's...more photos to follow and more available...just ask if you are interested.

-They are all filled with amber swirls and other day-one anomalies All are mostly flawless...let's call them VVVNM. It's hard to tell the basic color since the amber blots out the underlying color, but I'll call them all "green"

-The "B" piece on the Left in the photo is just drenched with amber. A few bubbles & surface folds too. It has a small lower ridge flake. Properly lit, it's quite something!! I'm asking $68 plus shipping

- The "B" center piece has tons of Amber splotches and showers, with a "paper clip" looking inclusion/bubble in the base next to the "B" and with an inclusion behind it in the inner skirt. It's a fabulous piece!! I'm asking $68 plus shipping.

-The piece on the right is BROOKFIELD embossed and has amber showeres and swirls. Only a teeny lower ridge pip. This one has more "see-through-it-ness" than the others, but just as impressive. I'm asking $58 plus shipping. SOLD

Package deals available ...just ask.