Good Color and Character Insulators

By Mike Gaudy; posted June 9, 2019

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Most of my insulators are in very good (near mint) condition. There may be some nicks, small chips, mars or wire rubs and flea bites. Notable damage is described below. Detailed damage of a specific insulator can be provided on request.

I will ship one insulator valued under $50 (US) insured for $8. I can ship 2 4 insulators total valued under $100 (US) insured for $15. The first "I'll take it" gets it. Inquiries about condition or discounts I will not consider binding. PayPal Friends or checks are OK.

There is no notable damage on three of these insulators, outside of what is mentioned above.

Top left: great condition small rock and good size bubble

Top right cool swirled glass at pin hole

Bottom left: good color

Bottom Right: half dozen base and skirt chips; hard dome ping and wg chip at right mold line.