THREE Nicely AMBERED Brookfield 152's one Sold rest available and ON Sale!!

By Peter Persoff; posted June 7, 2019

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Choose one or a few!! AMBERED 152's Two Broodfields and Two "B"s These pieces are all hard to properly photograpy as they are relatively dark, but with the right lighting they are all wonderful to look at!!

Upper Left: BROOKFIELD Very OLIVY multitoned throughout with a bit of green in the dome and AMBER wisps & splotches drenching the entire insulator. Also some bubbles and interesting surface folds. Other than a tiny day-one annealing line in the base, this piece is without any visible or non-visible issues. The photo really doesn't do it justice, so ask for more if you are interested. This is a FABULOUS piece!! I'm asking $78 plus shipping for will be thrilled to have this one in your collection!! SALE $65

Upper Right: "B" Another Very OLIVY multitoned throughout with tons of AMBER wisps and splotches that drench the entire insulator. A very interesting "paperclip" looking bubble and surface fold next to the "B" highlights this one as well. No damage!! This is another FABULOUS piece!! More photos available...just ask if you are interested I'm asking $78 plus shipping for it. SALE $65

Lower Left: BROOKFIELD Dark Green Aqua with Amber swirling throughout. A quarter inch open bubble (maybe it's a flake) on the upper ridge is it for any issues. A #2 on the dome. Some small bubbles add to it. I'm asking $18 plus shipping. SOLD

Lower Right "B" Another AMBER drenched piece with only a tiny ridge flake. Basic color is dark amber with a plethora of darker amber swirls and blotches. Quite a beautiful piece!! I'm asking $68 plus shipping for this one...SALE $55