Scarce CD 1050 Deep Lilac Spool! Sale

By Caleb Thimell; posted June 4, 2019

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Here's a rarely seen deep Lilac CD 1050 spool from Colombia. They are similar to a Royal Purple but with more emphasis on the deeper pink tone versus the deeper blue (found in Royal Purple). I'm only aware of a handful of these ever found- which explains why these are categorized as the rarest color Zicme spool and book for 300-350 in the GIFONA price guide in VNM. On this example, the pinholes are in excellent condition but the outer rims were buffed down at the factory to eliminate the excess glass over pour. This created some small nibbles and roughness (seen in picture).

First email gets this beautiful spool for the slashed price of only $167 plus 8.00 postage. Willing to accept payment split in 2 months if that will help! Thanks!