Rare Cross Marked Spanish No-Tie Insulator! Sale

By Caleb Thimell; posted June 2, 2019

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Here's a rare Spanish porcelain no-tie insulator with an incused "Cross" marking on the dome [click here]. This is the first and only one of these ever seen. Provides a clue to the currently unconfirmed maker. Made circa 1898-1915. Most no-ties found in the country are unmarked. This is a rare exception. And this example is in VNM+ condition with only some light rust stains inside the hooks and a teeny wire rub mark. Has a lot of tiny brown dots mixed in with the porcelain which is usually only found on the earliest examples made.

First email gets this rare porcelain no-tie with an unusual cross (not an X) incuse marking for the slashed price of only $285 postpaid. Thanks!