American pole in Canada?

By Barrett Nicpon; posted May 1, 2003

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Here's a picture of a pole on the line where I've been getting all my US stuff recently (CD 0151,H.G.Co 145s, Hemi-42s). The construction is very much similar if not the same as a lot of American lines. The reason? This line was built by an American company (unknown to me which one) in Canada. So most of the insulators are American. This pole is at a road crossing, and due to popular demand, I'm posting this because it has several of those porcelain strains I found a while ago. You can see the way they're bolted to the top of the crossarm, and the line wire ends at them and goes down that black rubber tube on the side of the pole for drop off to a telegraph office or whatever. You can see that most of the insulators on this pole are Hemi-42s and 45s. Unfortunately, most of the poles on this line are gone, or going fast, so there's not much to see still in the air, but a few nice poles remain in the air.