Junky Hemi-42s!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted April 30, 2003

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Okay, so not the greatest junk, but still, they're Hemingray! I picked these two on a quick hunt with weekend in the same place I found the stuff a few weeks ago. The one on the left is a nice Hemi-blue and has a very nice black carbon swirl, it runs from the side of the front skirt to the opposite side of the rear skirt, making it run half way around the insulator. You can only see the best part in this picture, a large fanning black swirl right underneath the wire groove. The one on the right is aqua and has a small ellipsoid shaped piece of metal in the side of the skirt. It has a small amber swirl running from the metal up to the wire groove, but not too significant, and it can't be seen in this picture. A few nice, odd Hemingrays I picked out of a sea of regular ones.