Collection Of Lag Screw Wire Holders & Spools 8

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted March 1, 2019

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Here is one of two lag screw wire holder tree's I made to display them. This one has misc. manufacturers plus several rows have specific companies on them. 3rd row down is Oliver Iron & Steel Mfg. Co. 4th & 5th rows are Seyler and Locke, 6th row is M&W Co. plus some Knox on the end. The white one is a Dare wire holder. 7th row is Knox Porcelain Corp. 8th row is an E.M.Co., Pearl Mfg. Co., and some Westinghouse ones on the other end. 9th row is all No Names (the yellow and green ones are painted). Bottom is misc. probably of Canadian manufacture.