GAYNER Signals

By Chris Cotnoir; posted February 12, 2019

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Here are a couple of Gayner signals being sold as a pair. On the left is a CD 162 EIN [030] (F-Skirt) GAYNER (R-Skirt) NO.36-190/10 SDP in Aqua. One drip point is flaked to the inside, and there is a tiny open bubble on the inside edge of the inner skirt. There are a couple of other bubbles, including one behind the embossing in front.

On the right is a CD 164 EIN [020] (F-Skirt) GAYNER (R-Skirt) NO.38-20/12 SB in Aqua. There is a tiny ding on the inside of the inner skirt and a faint wire rub, both in the rear. This one also has a cool bubble behind the front embossing. Withdrawn.

Asking $10 plus postage for the pair. This would be a nice set to match up with these [id=555212436] and save with combined postage.