CD 162 Hemingray No 19 Golden Amber

By John Rajpolt; posted February 10, 2019

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Offering up a CD 162 Hemingray No 19. EIN [220] with the MADE IN U.S.A. on the front skirt. Sharp drips. The color is a nice golden amber. A couple of small milk wisps. Photo taken outside. I have other photos including backlit - please ask. Minor damage: 2 nicked drips under 'AD' in left front, 2 open drip tips under 'IN' in front, 1 nicked drip after 'A' in 'USA' in right front, outside of 1 drip sliced under '1' in rear, 1 nicked drip between 'NO' and right mold line in rear, thin 3/8 inch crinkle bruise to inside edge of inner skirt at right mold line. Asking $180. Thanks for looking.