Pair of Brookfield CREBs CD 126.3 Aqua & Light Lime Green? Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted February 10, 2019

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Here is a pair of Brookfield CD 126.3's in Aqua and Light Lime Green (you decide!!)

The Aqua piece is an EIN [140} as far as I can tell and it's in nice shape...just a few base flakes...otherwise very clean!! It has an interesting base milk swirl to add to it's interest.

The Lime Green piece is FLAWLESS except for one tiny pip...hard to see!! The color and embossing (which I have difficulty reading) looks like an EIN [080]. In the Guide for $400-500 but you be the judge of this color, so....

Take this pair for $ shipping. More pictures available if interested. NOW ON SALE $125

Thanks for looking.