PAIR of CD 126 BROOKFIELDS Aqua & Fabulous Yellow Green (Chartreuse??) Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted February 10, 2019

View Original (1132 x 884) 229KB here's another pair of CD 126 Brookfield CREB pieces. My eyesight is not good enough to clearly read the difficult to see embossing on the domes of both, so you be the final judge!! But...Pretty sure the YG/Chartreuse piece is an EIN [185]

The Yellow Green (Chartreuse??) one is just "to die for" in it's great color!! It has a match head dome mark that looks like a lehr kiss, but otherwise it's condition is FLAWLESS!! It has some interesting marks around it, a few dome bubbles and an interesting worm fold on the dome. There is a #2 clearly embossed on the dome which says that this is an EIN [185] and in the Guide for $250-300 in Yellow Green and $700-800 if Chartreuse..

Condition of the Aqua is really good...just a short base annealing fracture and flat ngm base mark. It has some pieces of junk floating around in the base.

More pictures available if you are interested!!

Take this great pair for $350 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking!! Peter