5 Canadian Ponies

By Erik Van Den Breemen; posted February 5, 2019

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A few more ponies I'm letting go from my collection. From left to right:

Grape Purple Diamond 102 [060] Type 2, squatty speedy diamond. A hard to find pony in very good condition. Just a small amount of wire rubbing on the groove and a tiny open bubble on the base. 65 USD plus shipping

(SOLD) Mustard Diamond 102 [060] A beautifully coloured pony in VNM condition. A couple light wire rubs in the groove and annealing lines on skirt. No need to upgrade from this one! 500 USD plus shipping

Milky Aqua Diamond 102 [060] Another rare piece. Milky veils give jade effect. VNM. A small tick to the wire groove and some annealing lines. 65 USD plus shipping

Dark Olive Green No Name Canada 112.4 [010] VNM insulator. Only damage I can find is one small tick to the glass. A nicely placed bubble right below the bar embossing. 65 USD plus shipping

Light Purple Diamond 102 [070] This is the variety with the small 2 below the rear wire groove. Unfortunately there is quite a lot of wire rubbing to right half of this piece. Also a 1/4" base flake on the left skirt. A peck to the dome. 20 USD plus shipping.

More photos available upon request. Thanks for looking.