BROOKFIELD Salesman Sample - Sold!

By Dave Wiecek; posted April 19, 2003

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Miniature Brookfield salesman sample. Embossed WESTERN ELEC. CO. / BROOKFIELD STANDARD. I have seen only a few and usually the dome embossing is weak. This one is boldly embossed all around. It has a very, very slight flake on the skirt. Its right on the mold line and is hardly worth mentioning. I guarantee its authenticity 100%. I don't believe any fakes were ever made but I know this one is without a doubt the real thing. Price: $300.00

Picture taken with fluorescent bulbs that simulate true white daylight. These are NOT cool white fluorescents.

I have a lot of nice pieces for sale and plan on listing more this week so please sort by name and take a look. I am open to trades and will consider a price discount on purchases of 3 pieces or more. Send your want lists!

Buyer's quote - "It looks great!"