Is this an Embossed Pittsburgh Porcelain Pony? Value? Character marked Thomas

By Richard Case; posted January 24, 2019

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Is this an Embossed Pittsburgh Porcelain Pony? Value?

note that it was a two piece mold and has knife marks from cleaning the dome up better.

Found this in one of my insulator boxes today and never seen one before embossed.

Thank you all for answering.

We know it's a Thomas though, Value?? Well they say it's common but the marking on the skirt makes it worth a little bit more for eye appeal though. Conversational marking! Use your imagination. thank you =============

Brent says this: He's said he was pulling my leg, LOL... That there, is a "carved top" Thomas dry process poni-onio Thomas had two mf'g. facilities, one made dry process goods, the other made wet process. This style was bought by the skazillions by Washington Water Power AND local telephone companies in a wild array of colors, from chili-cheese red-yellow to grey to cobalt blue. Like all mud, color largely drives value. But being "embossed with 'Pittsburgh'" makes this one pretty special, a few Thomas made pieces are found with the "Pittsburgh" marking ! ;-D ============ Hello,

That's a carved top Thomas piece. What looks like a marking could be from gripping tongs or just a flaw from bumping or rubbing up against something while the porcelain was still wet.

Dennis Stewart ==============

I shipped it to Elton Gish and he was not positive, but did say possibly that it was marked THOMAS upside down . That they were trying to test stamping the Thomas on the outside of the skirt?


Irisaver: Not marked, I believe. Lots of porcelain has strange accidental marks that sorta appear to be letters.