Pair of Nice WFG CO CD 121's

By Jeff Osborne; posted January 21, 2019

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Pair of nice non-Aqua WFG Co CD 121 Tolls

1st one - Color is an off clear with a bit of grey and greenish tint. - This is nearly as clear as you can find in these. One dot mold.

It has a couple of fairly shallow chips on the base edge at the mold line, one is a burst air bubble and both are on the rear skirt side. A lehr kiss on the front just below the wire groove lower ridge, and a thin annealing line "as made" in the rear wire groove area

2nd one - Color is an icy bluish gray tint. Two dot mold.

It has a flat 1/4" flake off both the LH & RH upper wire ridge at the mold lines, a 1/4" flake off the lower wire ridge at the RH mold line and some minor nibble flakes on the inner skirt edge.

Both display VNM from the front skirt side.

Asking $60 plus shipping for the pair.