CD 143 Can Pac Pair

By Chris Cotnoir; posted January 11, 2019

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On the left is EIN [070] (F-Skirt) CANADIAN PAƆIFIC RY CO {Note backwards letter} {MLOD} SB in a tweener Light Sagey Green Aqua. Damage includes the base flake and a few scattered pecks and tics. Several bubbles and straw marks, a light steam veil in the rear dome, and major dome glass add character. Asking $15 plus postage.

On the right is EIN [060] (F-Skirt) CANADIAN PACIFIC RY CO {Note no periods} {MLOD} SB in Light Green. A small sheer flake, a couple of nibbles and rubs in the rear wire groove is all the damage. The glass has awesome clarity, and there's even more dome glass on this one. Asking $20 plus postage.

Take the pair for $40 shipped in the US. Withdrawn