Milky Green W.E. Mfg. Co. CD 126.4 Sale

By Sean Green; posted January 9, 2019

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Very nice CD 126.4 W.E.MFG.CO. with the 'APPLIED FOR' embossed over the Dec. 19, 1871 patent date. W.U. embossed on the rear crown and nothing on the rear skirt. I'm calling the color light green - it is close to a lime green, but not quite enough yellow.

There's a nice swath of milk and a few stringers in the front skirt, as well as a crude, uneven base, that give this one some great character.

Good condition overall: there is a very shallow skirt flake at the base edge on the back side that is a little smaller than a pinky nail. There are also two dings on the upper wire ridge, one next to the mold line, and the other below the 'E'. One 1/4" faint fish eye bruise on the front skirt and a couple tiny flea bites on the sharp inside edge of the base. Displays great!

Asking $65 shipping included.