Californias that would look great in my collection Pic 8

By Colin Jung; posted December 11, 2018

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These are compilation of photos posted by other ICON members depicting California's that would look great in my collection. Something identical or very similar will do. Most insulator wanted postings on ICON, including mine, lack photos. I am trying to remedy that by showing you exactly what I am looking for and reinforcing the most important features.

The left one is a 2-tone California helmet, CD 260, with a gingerale or peach body and pink ears. This was a Robert Baumann ICON sale item and formerly a Buy-It-Now eBay auction. Middle one is a black-tinted smoke California CD 121. The fuzzy photo was cropped from a display photo of the 2005 Combined California Display. On the right is a yellow California two piece transposition offered by the NIA at the Farmington National. The color is not as important as finding the bottom piece for my collection.