Californias that would look great in my collection Pic 7

By Colin Jung; posted December 11, 2018

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These are compilation of photos posted by other ICON members depicting California's that would look great in my collection. Something identical or very similar will do. Most insulator wanted postings on ICON, including mine, lack photos. I am trying to remedy that by showing you exactly what I am looking for and reinforcing the most important features.

On the left is, in my opinion, the only "no-questions-asked" plum color California baby signal CD 160. This one was on a dealer's sales table at the 2005 San Jose National and ended up in the Combined California Display. Purchased by Mike Gay and later sold. It is somewhere in the Southwest.

Middle one is a great looking 2-tone California beehive CD 145 owned by Roger Nagel. I had a shot at this one as it was an eBay auction but the auction photographs were all atrocious. Roger saw something in the photos that no one else saw.

Right one was an ICON sale by Roger Poole and probably came out of the Charles Brandon collection. It is a sage green tint CD 112/114 with some nice steamy swirls in the dome.