Help With Porcelain Multipart ID

By Mike Csorbay; posted April 10, 2003

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Picked up this one in the collection we bought this weekend...we kinda like it! It stands 7" tall, measures approx. 8" across the umbrella, and is 4-1/8" across the base. The glaze is a slightly drippy greenish gray, and it is incused THOMAS on the underside of the umbrella. Identification required, dollar value estimates optional :-). Cutest multi we've ever seen so we're probably keeping it, but it's nice to know what it might be worth...??? Thanks!

The porcelain collectors tell me that this is an M-2340, apparently a bit of a rare bird; it books for $300-$400 or even more if in Mint condition!!! Who knew?? We really like it, but now we have to decide *how much* we like it!...