California Expertise @ Mid-Ohio Show / Cal Color ID Contest ANSWERS/ No winner

By Colin Jung; posted October 27, 2018

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Springfield Attendees:

Expertise in California glass insulators will be available to you at the Mid-Ohio Show. This includes color identification, CD's, mold variants, detecting alterations, scarcity, values, purchasing decisions, etc.

Purchase and/or trade opportunities are welcomed. Looking for the oddball stuff, good-looking 2-tones, rarer Cal CD's, scarce CD/color combinations, and California paper ephemera. See me on the show floor or at Gene Hawkins table.

Once again I am sponsoring a California Color ID Contest. If you can correctly identify all four colors in the captioned photo, you will win as a prize a VNM condition plum or burgundy California signal, CD 161. Contest ends Wednesday evening PST. Use View Original mode before identifying the glass colors. If you can identify these four colors, you probably don't need my expertise, but if you can't, then you know where to find help. Please use the existing price guide California color nomenclature for guidance, but do not expect an exact color listing for all these insulators in the price guide. Above all have fun.

Color answers: There was a trick in this challenge that a seasoned Cal collector might pick up. You should ask if any glass color got "washed out" in the photography and the answer would be YES. The colors are from left to right: Aqua with yellow swirls, Smokey purple, Smokey light sage green (sage green is washed out); and Citrine (green tone in the yellow base color is washed out.)

Unfortunately there were no winners this time.

Colin Jung

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