CD 742.3 M.T. Co.

By Mike Csorbay; posted April 8, 2003

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Here's the prize that was lurking in the corner of a box of "chipped up stuff" that the seller didn't figure we'd want! It's a CD 742.3 base-embossed threadless M.T.CO in an as-of-yet unidentified shade of blue. Light Cobalt and Sapphire are listed, but in person, it looks more like an Electric Blue, which is listed under the No Embossing - Canada section of the same CD. It has a bit more of a "glowing" quality than we were able to capture in this pic. Finally, *we* have a goodie to tell about!! After seeing this one, we didn't dicker over his price for the collection at all, just figuring it was better to get them all wrapped up and home before he changed his mind.