Erased CD 102?

By Barrett Nicpon; posted April 6, 2003

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These two CD 102's, the one on the left a [090] BROOKFIELD, and the one on the right a [050] B.T.Co. of Can., seem to be made from the same mold. They are almost identical in shape, even down to the concentric circles on the dome, except the BROOKFIELD one has a number engraved over them. That's why I believe the Brookfield one to be made using an erased B.T.Co. of Can. mold. There are no signs of a blotout anywhere on either of them. Any thoughts? ----------------------------------------------------- Well, looking at them again, and thinking logically, there isn't really much of a chance that Brookfield would end up reworking BTC molds, or vice versa. I suppose only a coincidence exists in them being so similar in shape.