Insulators forecast the weather!

By Lee Brewer; posted April 2, 2003

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Lo and behold I awoke, yet again this year, to another April morning reminder by my insulators, that it that time of year again!!! Yes, the time of year when my insulator fence reminds me that I must be hallucinating because the weather systems are definitely NOT politically correct. Hoping to be able to share this beautiful sight with others, I grabbed my faithful camera and let the shutter click. I am posting the picture I took in hopes that you, too, will be able to see beyond what the pure facts are telling you and, instead, believe with all of your heart that, in reality, there is no snow on that fence -- there are no sub freezing temperatures evident there -- there is a sandy beach with waving palm trees! I am posting this beautiful hallucination that I so enjoy 'not' seeing out my bedroom window of a gloriously globally warmed day in April. Now that global warming is an established, scientific (ahem) fact (ahem); and I realize that repeated, annual April snows are presently an impossibility here in this area (they have existed ever since my grandparents can remember - in that pre-global warming era of antiquity) - and they NEVER occur anymore - they are just hallucinations; I realize that beautiful sights such as the ones I have posted simply must be figments of my cold-weather- loving imagination.

I therefore post this picture as a general global warming alert for all of us to enjoy together. [id=1296462][id=1296556][id=1296284] For more beautiful insulator/weather related hallucinogenic pictures from past years - note these were from an imaginary, killing frost in MAY 2001 - which, also, never could possibly have taken place because it would be politically and (ahem) scientifically (ahem) incorrect to do so - especially so close to the summer months. Stay tuned - I am sure there will loads of these hallucinations to come in the following years! ======================================================== NEWSFLASH! My imagination again ran wild as I imagined yet another snowfall during April 22nd and 23rd of 2003. Sorry no pictures of this imaginary event -- I guess this all for the better though -- it will make it easier to imagine those palm trees!

Here is the latest from 2004! [id=85687360]