California Insulator Expertise Available at the Kansas City National

By Colin Jung; posted April 29, 2018

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National Attendees:

Expertise in California glass insulators will be available to you at the National. This includes color identification, CD's, mold variants, detecting alterations, scarcity, values, purchasing decisions, etc.

Purchase and/or trade opportunities are welcomed. Looking for the oddball stuff, good-looking 2-tones, rarer Cal CD's, scarce CD/color combinations, and California paper ephemera. See me at my sales table or on the sales floor.

To keep this solicitation interesting I am offering a plum California signal as a prize to the first National attendee who can correctly identify the four California glass insulator colors pictured in the photo. Winner must be present at the National to receive his prize.

Color Answers: Unfortunately no collector correctly identified all four California colors. Two collectors managed to identify two of the four colors correctly. The colors are from left to right: a green tone citrine, smokey straw, blue aqua, and sage blue. Thanks for your participation.