ECONOMY Oak Display / Sale Case

By Brian Riecker; posted April 25, 2018

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No longer available.

Here is my design of a more economical display case.

Best bulbs, best diffuser, best ballast, good shelves.

I use the best materials possible so that you have a trouble free quality display case for many years.

4 - 5000K Daylight Bulbs with 85 Color Rendering Index and 25,000 hour life rating.

1/4 inch thick sign grade milky white plexiglass diffuser that will not yellow over the years.

One - four bulb electronic ballast that will run quietly and cooler than the older magnetic ballast.

5 - 3/8 inch thick regular annealed glass shelves 3.5 inches by 34 inches. These shelves have a green tint to them (thus cheaper) and lowering the cost of the display cabinet for you.

Made with 3/4 inch cabinet grade oak plywood and trimmed out with solid oak.

Four vent holes on the back to keep air moving. The bulbs and ballast run very cool, but a lighting engineer at Philips lighting told me the cooler you keep things the longer they will last.

Finish stain is a Golden Oak.

Smooth back with rounded edges for easy sliding into and out of vehicles.

A single light switch is on the side with a power outlet right below the switch for easy power access.

Dimensions are 38.25" widest point, 35.5" wide main body, 41" tall, and 12.25" deep.

My price $550, which is basically the material and a little for my labor.

Extra shelves are $20.

I will deliver this to the KC national show in June or the Springfield, OH show in Nov. Otherwise, we will have to figure something else out. I will not ship this as I have way to much blood sweat and tears invested to have it demolished by a shipper.

Thank you for looking, Brian