Blonde U-928 Boch and U-925 Locke

By Michael Green; posted April 20, 2018

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I am extremely grateful that I was able to work out a deal with a special friend to acquire these two early beauties. Both appear to have been used inside a building and never saw service outside. Both are clean and shiny as the day they were made. As you can see the U-925 Locke still has a black painted cast iron pin firmly stuck inside it. The pin has some type of twine wrapped around the threads and is screwed in crooked because of it. The pin is threaded inside the base and still has some of the original packing straw stuck up inside it. The U-928 Boch has some type of coated fabric inside the pinhole and more of the black paint splashed on top. The glazes on both pieces are exceptional and the stamped markings on the Boch are as good as it gets! View original for a more detailed look...