Sage Green Swirled CD 154 Zicme

By Caleb Thimell; posted March 21, 2003

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Shocking Dark Sage Green swirls in a CD 154 Zicme! They flow and swirl around in the dome, pouring down into the skirt! Also filled with light milk swirls and inclusions ~ thicker in the dome but clearly seen throughout the skirt so that it has a Light Jade appearance. This piece has Zicme's boldest embossing, indicating it was made in an early mold as these wore out quickly and were replaced by the sleeker mold with medium size embossing, and much thinner wire grooves. Very crude! Tiny paper thin flaking on the upper wg and lower inner skirt and typical base skirt overpour flaking. Long winding surface stress crack in the lower wire groove likely factory caused by all the contrasting temperatures of junk inside. Close-up pix [id=52871554] and here [id=53057755]