Trading Extravaganza III: Scarce color McLaughlin toll CD 121 w/ long carbon streak SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted March 27, 2018

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This straw colored McLaughlin toll CD 121 nicely displays a 2 and 1/2 inch carbon streak across the front. Flake and associated wire rub on the upper wire ridge.

According to Bob McLaughlin, William McLaughlin's grandson, granddad was very proud of his glassware and would not allow the glass cullet he used to harm his reputation for quality glassware. Quality control to cull the inferior products was very strict. Fortunately, William McLaughlin was not always at his factory keeping an eye on things and less conscientious employees let "inferior" insulators pass through.

You know the drill. Looking for in trade a California insulator or go-with that will fit into my collection. View my updated want list here [id=525541300]. Cash to even up all trades. Each party responsible for own shipment. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before trade is completed.

Sold at 2018 Roseville Show