Trading Extravaganza III: HouzeX auto ashtray and a lookalike, unknown maker SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted March 23, 2018

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I hear there are a handful of insulator collectors that collect these slag glass ashtrays that are often mistaken for threadless insulators. Right one is Houze X in a custard color glass with deep red swirls. Left one is a lookalike Houze X but the molding characteristics from the top to the base to the attachment hole are all different. Even the slag glass color is different from Ho uze X glass ashtrays. Reviewed the February 2011 CJOW article by Elton Gish on slag glass automobile ashtrays but it doesn't cover this potential repro.

You know the drill. Looking for in trade a California insulator or go-with that will fit into my collection. View my updated want list here [id=525541300]. Cash to even up all trades. Each party responsible for own shipment. Both parties must be satisfied with trade before trade is completed.

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