Cobalt & Orange amber 162s (orange Sold)

By Matthew Willett; posted March 4, 2018

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Two great signals for sale!

Dark glowing cobalt Hemigray No 19 SDP in VNM shape, only damage is a VERY faint bruise spanning 4 drips. Some nice bubbles and straw lines to make up for it. Take this one for $295 shipped

Dark orange amber Hemingray-19 RDP. VNM except for 1 chipped drip and 2 drips with bubbles making them not fully formed. Includes some milk. Take this one for $195 shipped.

I prefer payment through PayPal gift option but I will accept all forms of payment. If you have questions or would like more photos, don't hesitate to contact me. As always, thank you for checking out my listings!