CD 106 vertical Diamond

By David French; posted February 28, 2018

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Here we have two CD 106 Diamond [010]. This is the embossing variant that has a vertical diamond on each skirt and small sharp drip points and the color is straw. They look pink in the photo but they are straw. CD 106 is a common design but these Diamonds are perhaps a little bit less common. The one on the right has five partially chipped drips and two small and very shallow flakes at the inside base of the skirt. The one on the left has four partially chipped drips and a very small fracture inside the base which I think you can see in the photo. The Price Guide says $20-30, my price is $15 each or take both for $25 plus $5 towards Priority Mail postage to US destinations. Other countries I will charge actual postage cost. I can only accept PayPal friends/family as payment.