Two Brookfield INS 162.1 big amber $45 & 152 nice rock & amber $45 Sale

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 24, 2018

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These insulators are in near mint condition; noticeable damage is described below. Tiny nicks or flea bites may not be numerated. Photos were taken in front of 5000 degree Kelvin light. First e-mail claim at advertised price get's the insulator. Send me your zip code with "I'll take it" so I can calculate the shipping. I will respond back with a total. PayPal Friends preferred by checks & Money Orders are also good.

LEFT: The 162.1 has a beautiful amber streak that really makes for some nice color separation. Damage consists of a ping to the base below "BR" and some small dome scratches in two areas. The hoopskirt has a half inch rock in the skirt with some thin amber streaks around it. Damage is limited to a small chip on the inner skirt and a little bit of roughness around that inner skirt as well.

RIGHT: The only embossing is "BROOKFIELD" on the skirt. Check out the stone or rock. The only damage is a small chip to the inner petticoat. There are no CRACKS around the rock. Many insulators with imbedded junk have annealing cracks from cooling around the debris, NOT this Baby!