Sage Lynchburg 154 slag $45 Ginger ale Lynchburg 154 $20

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 24, 2018

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Insulator(s) are in good condition; notable damage is described. All nicks & flea bites may not be numerated. Photos at 5000 degree Kelvin (close to day light). Regional rate shipping is as low as $8.00 to some areas. Lot numbers help me track items they are not embossed with that number.

First e-mail claim at my price gets the insulator. Send your zip with "I'll take it" so I can calculate shipping. I will respond with total. PayPal Friends preferred by checks & Money Orders are also good. From left to right:

LEFT: The fizzy sage green Lynchburg has two junks of slag floating in the glass. The larger one is one half inch long and floating over "NO" (back). There is a second 3/8 inch piece at the left mold line which is actually on the surface of the insulator. Damage consists of two nicked drips and o base chip that cleanly removes a third drip point. There is an open bubble in the upper wire groove ridge that makes a clean notch in the ridge.

RIGHT: Unusual color in good condition. Damage consists of a base chip that removes most of one drip point. There is also some roughness around the inside of the petticoat.