Three Tolls with Character AM Tel WFG and Junkie Brookfield

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 24, 2018

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Insulator(s) are in good condition; notable damage is described. All nicks & flea bites may not be numerated. Photos at 5000 degree Kelvin (close to day light). Regional rate shipping is as low as $8.00 to some areas. Lot numbers help me track items they are not embossed with that number. First e-mail claim at my price gets the insulator. Send your zip with "I'll take it" so I can calculate shipping. I will respond with total. PayPal Friends preferred by checks & Money Orders are also good. From left to right:

LEFT Lot #15: This beautiful insulator has some nice amber swirling in the skirt. There are no cracks in the insulator, but there are five flat base chips, some roughness and small chips all the way around the upper wire ridge; There is a hard front dome ping. The amber is in the back of the insulator. $15 plus shipping

CENTER Lot #16 This DENVER made insulator is over 100 years old just full of Character. Damage is very minor, and is mentioned only accuracy in selling. There are two open bubbles at the right mold line (base and upper wire groove) . There is clean chipping all the way around the pin hole like there was an over-pour that broke off. The is a wire ridge rub about a third of the way around front of the insulator. There is rougness all around the inner and outer edge of the skirt. $15 plus shipping

RIGHT Lot #17 This insulator is amazing in CHARACTER, condition and in fizz. I count 5 little white rocks as well as the snow with is also white debris. The only damage is a small base chip between the B and the left mold line. There is also some wire rubs in the wire groove and on the lower wire ridge. $30 plus shipping