Three junkie / Milky / Snowy / Amber Unique Blob tops $45, $25, $60

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 24, 2018

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Insulator(s) are in good condition; notable damage is described. All nicks & flea bites may not be numerated. Photos at 5000 degree Kelvin (close to day light). Regional rate shipping is as low as $8.00 to some areas. Lot numbers help me track items they are not embossed with that number.

First e-mail claim at my price gets the insulator. Send your zip with "I'll take it" so I can calculate shipping. I will respond with total. PayPal Friends preferred by checks & Money Orders are also good. From left to right:

LEFT Lot #12: The blob top sports several nice bubbles and a black string of junk it is the [120] "Cauvets" W U T Co embossing. The only damage is a very small flat shallow chip to the skirt at the base at one of the mold lines. $45 plus shipping.

CENTER Lot #13: This Brookfield insulator has I believe is the [117] embossing with a SMALL "2" shop number three patent dates the first and second read 1870 (I can't read the others). It also has the 55 Fulton street address. The amazing Milky glob or "cotton ball" is right at the front crown just above the wire groove. There a milky wisps that wrap around the pin hole. Damage consist of a light dome ping and two skirt pings. There is also a crown indent which might look like a chip, but I think it was some junk in the mold. There is wire groove wear all the way around the groove. I had this insulator tumbled. $25 plus shipping.

RIGHT Lot #14: This insulator is a light blue, three date, 55 Fulton street BEAUTY. There are light snow flurries in this insulator. The only damage is a few baby flea bites. $60 plus shipping.