Lot #2 THREE Small HEMINGRAY Insulators in Near Mint Condition $15 for all 3

By Mike Gaudy; posted February 24, 2018

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Insulator(s) are in good condition; notable damage is described. All nicks & flea bites may not be numerated. Photos at 5000 degree Kelvin (close to day light). Regional rate shipping is as low as $8.00 to some areas. Lot numbers help me track items they are not embossed with that number. First e-mail claim at my price gets the insulator. Send your zip with "I'll take it" so I can calculate shipping. I will respond with total. PayPal Friends preferred by checks & Money Orders are also good. From left to right:

Left: HEMINGRAY No 12 with 1893 date and double wire groove. Damage: 5 nicked or chipped drip points, three or four flea bites; CENTER: Beautiful Blue HEMINGRAY-9 Damage; a bit of roughness around the outer base edge. RIGHT: HEMINGRAY No 9 with 1893 date, NICE dome bubble. Damage; one nicked drip and two tiny base chips. There is a series of clean flat chips around the pin hole. There is wire rust in the groove.