FIVE CD 187 SPOOLS Tapered Skirt Type "Patent Other"All Sold except Dark Aqua w/ hair lip

By Peter Persoff; posted February 9, 2018

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From my collection... Five CD 187 Tapered skirt type SPOOLS

Three are DARK AQUA and all in nice condition...just a small ding here or there. One is 1/8 " taller than the others and the middle piece has a hair lip and dark inclusion $ 25 each

One (second from right) is light blue. Has a base other flaws $35

Right piece is a shade of GREEN. I would say it's a cross between the dark yellow and olive greens. This one has an internal fracture. There doesn't appear to be any damage that caused this, so I think it may be a day-one annealing fracture, but may just be a stress fracture of some type. For this color I'm asking only $95 because of the damage.

Thanks for looking