Collection for sale!!

By Foster Orvis; posted February 8, 2018

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Hello, I've been collecting for 5 Years but I haven't picked an insulator up in 1 whole year. I would like someone to pick up locally but I'm afraid no one interested is close enough (Watford City, ND). Shipping is going to be hefty so be prepared. Price is [$700 +shipping] but it's worth $1000+. I ensure you will have at least a little profit, I only priced and added up the insulators worth $15+. Everything goes seen in the picture above excluding the shelves/cabinet, oil can, lanterns, and tin sign. So that means the beams, the lightning arresters, and the hardware and pins (which I have a separate box of to go with). 40+ insulators and a couple more Knick Knacks. I have more pictures to send including a list with CD [EIN] and worth. Email if interested at all or have any questions or want more pictures/info on this decent insulator collection for sale. Thank you!