Extra tall Blue Aqua CD 149 Pennycuick Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted February 4, 2018

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Here is the third piece of the group of CD 149 Pennycuicks from my collection. This one is taller than the others (4 1/2 ") and filled with FIZZ. The mark seen on the dome in the photograph is a LEHR KISS from day-one....interesting!! This piece also has a somewhat crude appearance from all the stuff going on inside. Some small open bubbles on the ridge below the KISS and another open bubble on the base with a little flaking under several bubbles above it. This piece is also a CD base This is another very nice piece as a result of it's crudeness and interesting internal features

I'm asking $115 plus shipping. Again, I believe that the Guide has these 149's undervalued!!

Thanks for looking,