FIVE CD 149's Pennycuicks JUST ONE LEFT. Green Aqua #2 All Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted February 4, 2018

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From my collection....Here are FIVE CD 149's in different colors. The three on the left are CD bases (Continuous Drips) and the two on the right are regular bases. The piece in the center is extra tall (4 1/2 ") has an inner outer skirt flake under some bubbling. The light yellow green piece (second from the right) has an inner base chip, but a huge dome bubble.. hard to understand why the dome remained in tact!! More photos of each are available...just ask if interested. They all have fizz and bubbles to different degrees. All have the Pennycuick dot in the dome.

In my opinion, the Guide has UNDERVALUED these CD 149's, so I'm asking a bit more than Guide values. See the separate photos for pricing.

Thanks for looking,