Auction finds, nice but damaged, 137.5, 135, 133.2, 162

By Mary Ann Pike; posted January 27, 2018

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We went to an auction in WV today. Six big boxes of insulators. Some interesting pieces, although sadly the best are damaged. Here is a photo of the best of them (more pictures tomorrow after we bring the rest of the boxes in from the car).

A CD 135 Chicago, blue, base embossed, big milk snake in the skirt but the big chip on one of the diamonds and a slice off the dome. H.G. Co. CD 162 in some shade of amber (I'd like opinions as to what shade). Chip off the wire guide in the front and the skirt in the back, and half round and half sharp DPs.

The next two are the most interesting of all. The clear one in the front is a CD 137.5 unmarked experimental Hemingray piece, sadly with two big base chips that you can see in the picture. The one on the right is a CD 133.2 P&W, sadly with a fracture that goes vertically through the entire piece. But it's my first one, and a Beaver Falls Glass Co piece, so I'm excited about that one.