Milky Cobalt Blue CD 162 No Name Hemingray

By Chris Tella; posted January 27, 2018

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CD 162 No Name in cobalt blue with milk swirls. The piece is loaded with milk swirling along the back side. There is also a good amount of milk swirling along the front wire groove. Overall the piece is in good condition. There is a chip on the left side that is shaped like an upside down V and measures approximately of an inch long by 5/8 of an inch tall. The chip affects three drip points and the edges of two others. There is one other partially bruised drip point along the edge of the chip. The exterior of the piece has a pencil eraser sized skirt flake, a pencil point sized skirt bruise/flake, several small pencil point sized fisheye dings on the dome, approximately six small pinhead sized dome and crown dings, and some general light exterior scratching and scuffing along the wire groove, crown and dome.

I have roughly a dozen pictures available if interested. $250 plus shipping.