Two CD 308's in Shades of Light YELLOW GREEN with Damage Pic#2 Sold

By Peter Persoff; posted January 26, 2018

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Picture # 2

Here are two CD 308 pieces both in different shades of Light Yellow Green. Both have damage and would be great candidates for repair. The piece on the right has no glass missing, is more yellow green than the other piece which is greener and which has some missing glass. The yellower piece has a few base fractures and one heading up into one of the ears but the piece is totally in tact. The Greener one on the left has more significant damage around the base as can be seen in the photos. I can take more pics to show the damage more clearly if anyone is interested. They are both unembossed pennycuick style pieces and are in the Guide for $200-250 You can have them both for $95 plus the shipping cost.

See the next picture for more of a look and please ask for other pics if you are truly interested.

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