Insulator Deco for bathroom

By Lee Brewer; posted March 12, 2003

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I was asked to post these by some friends. For some reason I find some people do not share my sense of humor (?) / tastes in decoration preferences. This is from our secondary bathroom we call "The Outhouse" - what do you expect for a circa 1880's house that used to be the local RR office? There is a shelf in this small place where I keep an antique jewelry case full of my Wentzel Cobb miniature collection. When Carol McDougald was here last week to take some photos, I asked her opinion on my Outhouse's decorations. She said she would withhold her comments - oh well! And I normally do not have such expensive pieces on these pegs - just had to spruce them up for the pics. These normally have some beautiful, petite sized, aqua Brookfield New York beehives on the TP holder and a beautiful yellow green of the same type is on the one above (where I hang my bathrobe in the mornings). These holders are solid oak and I enjoyed making them myself. For a pic of just the TP holder: [id=52088198]