Last train to leave Port Hope

By James Mulvey; posted January 11, 2018

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I wasn't very old but I remember the day Dad took us to town to see a train. We stood on Main St. - the train station was there where the tracks crossed the road. We watched as it started moving north out of town all the while the crowd cheered and waved. Whether I was told and forgot, or most likely, it just didn't seem important to me why we were there.

This year we received a 2018 calendar with pictures of local historical events, and there it was. The last CN train to leave town using those tracks. The station is the building on the left. I can't say I remember the photographer, there was a lot going on. He would have been set up on Main St., beside where we were standing.

Today I feel very old.

second video shows that track today

I have precious few memories of my dad. This is one I will share.